Halina the Healer
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Healer, Visionary Leader, Life Coach & Spiritual Consultant

"In the age of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) people need more light and divine energy than ever before. It is my life's work to channel divine spiritual healing energy to those in need. If you have anxiety, or someone in your family is sick or lost their way, please contact me for help."



Hilary Clinton
Former First lady, U.S.A
“It is a pleasure to hear from individuals from other countries who share a vision of better life for all. Your ideas and thoughts offer added inspiration to President Clinton.”
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Dr. L. Staub
“I also know of several patients of Ms. Czajka who were helped most successfully where conventional medicine failed. Ms. Czajka is a most gifted professional of high personal integrity and deeply concerned over human suffering.”
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On The Behalf of Baby Teresa
From Teresa's family
"Halina thank you so much for helping my sister to save her child's life. She has found happiness again."
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